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      Lonwalk has 58 injection machines of JSW、LG、HT equipment ranging form 50 to 650 tons, which meet the molding of general purpose plastics and modified plastics. The production lines are equipped with high speed electronic injection machine and dual color injection machine. The mechanical hand and fully automatic supply system make it an automatic process from material supply to product package.

      Lonwalk has partitioned man and machine in producing. The “cell line” management style makes it easy to flexibly employ staff which greatly improves the working efficiency and decreases the production cost. The dust free workshops are specially designed for precise parts.  The working efficiency and producing environment have exceeded the level of domestic enterprises' in the line.

      We have built a quality control system meeting the ISO9001, ISO14001 standard to supervise every step during the production to guarantee every product meet the requirement of our customers.

      We devoted to the research of precise injection technology, being experienced in Dust-free molding, Double molding, High-light molding, Stack molding, Special materials molding, Over molding, making unique achievement in permanent-electro magnetic system for Quick mold clamping, Ultrasonic mold cleaning and In-mold Auto nozzle cutting technology.

      We committed to the high efficiency management improving the injection by introducing professional management software. The remote injection molding machine monitoring and management system enable us to connect the injection machines and computers which carry out the parameter control. The Mold manage system provides latest information of the machines and keeps them in their best conditions.

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